Welcome to Your New Digital Experience!

Northeastern is evolving to create a more engaging, efficient HR experience for our community. Our goal? To create more compelling and helpful human resources online experiences for all.

New Human Resources Website

Visit the new site and you’ll see Human Resources designed with our candidates in mind. A cornerstone of our university HR global presence, this site will help us continue to attract the world’s finest talent.

New HR Service Center

This is the place for you, our faculty and staff, to get the information you need fast. A one-stop-shop for Human Resources questions and answers, including a searchable knowledge base and case creation online. Visit the HR Service Center.

Personalized Content

Keep favorites and find out what’s trending or might be interesting to you. On the HR Service Center, you have immediate access to content tailored to you, fast.

Self-Service Functionality

Get your questions answered and get help delivered right on the HR Service Center. Here you can leverage new features like access to FAQs and hundreds of articles to get the answers you need.