Our Values

Our Values

Our values are woven into everything we do, including our service to you.


We have a deep and abiding commitment to confidentiality and the individual privacy of each member of our community and hold ourselves to the highest standards of service excellence in that regard. We act with integrity, working from a deep well of experience in all aspects of human resources management, always aware of our responsibility to the greater whole.


We encourage the balance of work and life and acknowledge and value the roles of each individual for their active contributions to the team. We work from a foundation of mutual respect and solidarity both in and out of the workplace.


We work with a collective appreciation of shared knowledge and expertise across functions and welcome the ideas and knowledge of colleagues throughout the university to inform and inspire us. By creating an atmosphere open to collaboration, we foster richer understanding, forge inclusivity, and promote diversity of thought and backgrounds while ensuring successful outcomes.


We invest in the continuous growth and development of our community, inspiring and enabling team members of all levels to stay current, gain skills, learn theoretical concepts, and advance their work to align with the 2025 vision. The experiential opportunities we provide imbue knowledge, encourage growth (both lateral and vertical) to retain talent, and inspire trust in our expertise.


We are dedicated to providing a consistent, exceptional customer service experience to the extended Northeastern community. We strive to anticipate and prioritize universal needs, always considerate of individual concerns. We deliver what we say we will deliver when we promise to deliver it.