Life on and off Campus

The World Beyond Work

Career opportunities attract our faculty and staff to Northeastern, but our community—rich with an exciting and inclusive culture—is one very good reason why they stay.

Energized by what’s possible, we’re engaged in the communities in which we live around the world, and, as a university, offer entry into networks and opportunities that are uniquely our own.

Globally focused

With campuses and research institutes across the country and internationally, Northeastern is a world leader in experiential learning, expanding opportunities and ideas to the global stage.

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Fostering open and inclusive environments

Throughout our campuses and in the communities our campuses call home, we foster an open and engaged faculty and staff, as diverse in experience as in their roles. That inclusive, accepting culture, that diversity of thought, is a priority. Solving for the future means creating an environment that prioritizes unique experiences and perspectives. We embrace and celebrate viewpoints different from what we know so we can continue to advance our thinking and contribute readily to our shared global future.

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Contributing to our local and global communities

Giving back and supporting the communities we live in is ingrained in our culture. Through our community engagement programs, our faculty and staff have the opportunity to offer their gifts and time with non-profit organizations in a way that truly makes a difference. From tutoring or mentoring local youth to serving as a university representative on an alternative spring break trip, to engaging in community-based research or teaching, Northeastern’s people work to help strengthen communities.

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Join us in lending our services, talents, and minds to the communities all over the world in which we live.