Learning & Growth

A community committed to learning for all of our people

At Northeastern, learning and development isn’t just for students.

We engage with thought leaders across the community to research and innovate on our thinking to create a learning and development platform that takes on today’s biggest challenges. We continue to strengthen our legacy of world-class, experiential learning.

Local, national, and global

Rooted in Boston, Northeastern has continued to expand its research, its partnerships, and offerings to students around the world. Our network of universities spans continents and cultures, creating a rich, comprehensive learning experience that empowers our people as they advance the knowledge that will feed our shared future.

A vision for the future

Our experiential model allows Northeastern to put ideas into action. Here, collaboration, invention, curiosity and determination are some of the skills of the day. With research and innovation at the forefront, we are working toward a universal mission set forth in the priorities addressed in Northeastern President Joseph Aoun’s “Experience Unleashed.”

Find out how we’re planning to continue strengthening our community and advancing experiential opportunities for employees and the way we teach and learn.