World-class, experience-based learning

Our worldwide network is made up of over a dozen university campuses offering unique, distinctive approaches to teaching and research.

From tech hubs focused on advancing artificial intelligence to a coastal sustainability campus, Northeastern University is home to experienced, industry-specific faculty and staff.


In the heart of Boston, Northeastern’s flagship campus is the location of more than 30 federally funded research centers. Built on a legacy of innovation, students work alongside faculty in cutting-edge facilities to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.


Our Arlington, Virginia campus is located in the heart of the National Capital Region at the intersection of technology, innovation, policy, and security. Our graduate programs in computer science, public policy, analytics, cybersecurity, and security and intelligence studies prepare learners to lead in the region’s future jobs.


The Innovation Campus at Burlington offers a unique research-partnership model. Faculty and students work closely with experts from industry, government, and academia to develop new technologies, materials, and systems.


In an area that is a recognized leader in the energy, financial services, and healthcare industries, our Charlotte campus provides a large portfolio of industry-aligned opportunities. This location also regularly hosts on-campus events focused on current global workforce trends.


As part of Northeastern’s global network, the New College of the Humanities offers a vibrant, collegiate community with one of the best staff-to-student ratios in the United Kingdom. Students, faculty, and staff have access to Northeastern’s vast research and databases.


Our Miami campus is in Wynwood, the citys creative and cultural hub. Access unique academic programming designed to help you gain the credentials and skills you need to excel in the regions expanding tech, finance, and health sectors, no matter your academic background.


The Coastal Sustainability Institute is committed to conducting innovative research that creates sustainable solutions to confront challenges for the world’s coastal ecosystem. This coastal-focused location works toward creating cleaner, safer, and smarter coastal communities.


Northeasterns flagship west coast campus offers opportunities for learning, recreation, entrepreneurship, and research. Through industry-aligned graduate programs in areas like game design, biotechnology, and computer science, students become agile problem solvers and expand their connections in the Bay Areas vibrant innovation ecosystem of startups, scaled tech, and social impact.

Portland, Maine

The Roux Institute combines industry, academia, and government to set our education and research model apart from the rest. The Portland, Maine, location builds expertise in artificial intelligence, computer and data science, digital engineering, and the advanced life sciences and medicines.

Silicon Valley

Northeastern’s unique programs, grounded in experiential learning, are customized to offer students the knowledge and skill sets that Silicon Valley employers need.


Surrounded by high-profile innovation centers, our Seattle campus is at the crossroads of cutting-edge thought leadership and experiential learning. The student-faculty ratio is low, creating a unique learning environment for both students and faculty.


As Northeastern’s first international campus, this high-tech hub has degrees tailored to Toronto’s economic needs and features curriculum that’s relevant and up to date with industry trends.


Critical fields such as cybersecurity, data science, coastal sustainability, artificial intelligence, resilience, and robotics are a few of the industry-focused programs taught by faculty who are renowned in their fields at our Vancouver campus.