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At Northeastern, we don’t just provide jobs; we foster a thriving, innovative, diverse, global community of the industry’s brightest minds.

We are open-minded, friendly, and hard-working professionals defined by our collaborative mindset, welcoming nature, and holistic approach to work. We positively impact communities in and out of the classroom by creating exceptional experiences for students and the world.

As an employee, you’ll have the opportunity for personal and professional growth and support in inclusive learning, teaching, and working environments. This may include joining an affinity group, taking advantage of our professional development courses, or using our comprehensive suite of healthcare, tuition, and retirement benefits. The possibilities are endless.

External Applicants, including contractors working for Northeastern through an external agency and current students, should apply through the External Applicants option. Current Employees, including Full-Time and Temporary Staff and Part-Time Lecturers, should use the Internal Applicants option.

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(Spring Break) is not a break for us. It’s a time for us to catch up and do what work we can while the students are away.

Felix Fuentes
Building Superintendent, facilities services

I bleed Northeastern. There is a lot about the university to be proud of, but I think the most important is how well we prepare students to manage and succeed in the world, and be global citizens and lifelong learners.

Valeria Ramdin
Assistant clinical professor, School of Nursing


Federal labor laws require several employment rights notices to be accessible to applicants and employees. You may find those below. 

Las leyes laborales federales exigen que los solicitantes de empleo y los empleados tengan acceso a varios avisos sobre derechos laborales. Puede encontrarlos abajo.